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March 13, 2023

Legacy joins new Google initiative to boost climate change mitigation

Google has published the names of 14 European startups that have been selected to participate in their Climate Change accelerator program that is to further boost the green transition.

And among the selected companies is Denmark-based Legacy, whose platform helps real estate investors to meet rapidly increasing compliance demands by automating and simplifying CO2 reporting while lowering the buildings' carbon emissions.

"We are thrilled to have won the opportunity to work with Google, and to be the only Danish company selected. The selection is a major milestone and is a recognition of both the idea and the hard work the team has put into developing a CO2 accounting platform that has a very high degree of precision", says Barry Trout, CEO of Legacy. He continues:

“The Legacy team has done a great job of building a robust and scalable platform which is the market leader in emissions data, reporting and providing insights into CO2 emissions. Access to Google's wide-ranging expertise will enable us to further refine our product and help our clients not only comply with regulations, but also future-proof their real estate portfolios”.

A study conducted by Google through the analysis company ICG shows that digital technologies can help companies across all sectors to reduce their climate footprint.

In order to provide further impetus behind green digital technologies in Europe, Google has now launched the free 10-week accelerator program - a training course for selected companies that work with green technology. 

The purpose is to create fertile ground for a strong startup ecosystem that can help other companies reach their climate goals faster.

"Climate change is one of humanity's most pressing challenges, and it is now and then that we must push the world in a greener direction. The technology sector plays a very important role in developing the solutions required to reduce CO2 emissions. It is encouraging that Danish companies such as Legacy are at the forefront of that agenda. We are looking forward to hopefully being able to give it a further push", says Jesper Vangkilde, head of communications for Google in Denmark.

Contacts for further comments or interviews:  

  • Legacy: Magnus Maduro Nørbo, founder and Chief Sustainability Officer, magnus@wearelegacy.dk // 42474945
  • Google: Jesper Vangkilde, head of communications, vangkilde@google.com // 22575955

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