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July 12, 2022

Legacy helps ATP save hundreds of hours on manual data collection.

ATP Ejendomme accelerate their sustainable agenda by making CO2 accounting easy and reliable

ATP Ejendomme is one of Denmark’s largest commercial real estate owners, owning and operating a large amount of acclaimed and historic buildings from their office in central Copenhagen.

“We don’t just invest in properties. We invest in future generations”. 

In a traditional sector, where sustainability is not an integrated part of doing business yet, ATP represents a progressive company, aiming to push the boundaries of what sustainability means in the commercial real estate industry today and in the future.

As a part of their sustainability efforts, ATP knew they needed to zoom in on their CO2 footprint. Having an extensive portfolio of properties, it was a time consuming and cumbersome task to get the data they needed to simply get an overview, let alone translate it into realistic, long-term mitigation goals. 

ATP was considering how to collect reliable emissions data faster and easier.

With that in mind, ATP quickly saw the potential of Legacy. By automating the carbon accounting exercise, our platform would save them hundreds of hours on manual data collection, ensure revisable data and provide them with an easy-to-understand overview they could dive right into. 

As ATP believed in our platform before it was finalised, we decided to partner up to create the best product possible. While we gave ATP the chance to influence our platform in its development phase, actualising the features they needed, ATP provided us with the company- and industry insights we needed to tailor the platform to the actual needs of the real estate owners. In this process, ATP helped us create a solid product to support our vision, while we helped them get closer to theirs. 

“Our vision for sustainable properties means actively contributing to creating a CO2-neutral society…” 

Today ATP can actively commit to their vision by using our platform to set tangible reduction goals based on consumption data from buildings in their portfolio. 

We’re proud to support their sustainable agenda and contribute to their inspirational day-to-day work.

Automate your real estate CO2 emissions in one platform — act today and future proof your business.
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